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1. What issue did Mecha Madness begin?
STH #25
KTE #18
STH #73
STH #39

2. What is the name of the island that Robotnik secretly went to by himself?
Flicky Island
Blast Isle
Isla Sorna
Isla Nublar

3. How many issues are in the "Death Egg Saga"?

4. In what Knuckles issue does Knuckles first see Locke?

5. What does Sonic get in STH #35
His Tenth Chaos Emerald
His Millionth Power Ring
His Billionth Power Ring
His Trillionth Power Ring

6. What is the name of Tails' submarine?
Tails Sub
Sea Fox
The Whirlpool
The Blue Streak

7. In what issue does Sonic find out his parents are alive?
STH #51
STH #52
SSS #2 Brave New World
STH #53

8. What does it say under the word Knuckles of the first three issues of the regular series?
The Echidna
The Dark Legion
Archie Comics
It doesn't say anything under it

9. What does the blocks spell in a flashback in KTE #16?
Sonic Team
Sega Saturn
Archie Comics

10. What is the name of the city where the echidnas live?
Echidna City
Echidna Island
Echidna Domain

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