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This NEW Sonic the Hedgehog is published by IDW. It begins anew and does not pick up where the Archie Sonic story ended. It remains to be seen if any Archie Sonic element will carry over into this new comic.

This comic was published by Archie Comics and began its run in 1993 and ended in December of 2016, lasting 290 issues. The book was cancelled and did not receive a proper ending.

This comic began its run in 2009 when Sonic X had ended. Like the main book, this too was cancelled while unreleased issues were being solicited.

This comic was based on the Sonic Boom games and cartoon series. It began in 2014 and was cancelled the following year lasting only 11 issues.

This comic focused on Knuckles' storyline from the main book. Running from 1997 until the end of 1999, it lasted 32 issues before being cancelled.

This comic, based on the Sonic X cartoon, began in 2005 (initially as a 4-issue mini-series) and lasted 40 issues before making way for the Sonic Universe comic.

This is the British Sonic comic. It was published on a bi-weekly basis by Egmont Fleetway and ran from 1993 until 2001 before being cancelled.





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