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1. What issue did Sonic's look change?
STH #50
STH #67
STH #71
STH #88

2. What is the last issue in the Knuckles series?

3. What is the name of Sonic Super Special #2?
Sonic Firsts
Brave New World
Battle Royal
Sonic Kids

4. What is STH #47-#50 better known as?
The Death Egg Saga
Final Quest
The Old Green Hill Days

5. What is the name of Knuckles' father?

6. Which of these is not a Sonic Super Special?
Sonic & Knuckles: Mecha Madness
Sally Moon
Sonic Kids #2
Return of the King

7. What happened to Knothole after it was shot by the Ultimate Annihlator?
It was destroyed
It was blasted into the Zone of Silence
It was blasted three hours into the future
It was blasted from existence

8. Who tricks Hershey into thinking Sally was Snively dangling on the rope in STH #47?

9. What did Sonic do with Robotnik at the end of "Sonic Blast"?
Left him on the island
Brought him to the Dark Swamp and left him there
Took him back to Knothole for trial
Dropped him off at Robotroplis

10. In "Sonic In Your Face" where did the Freedom Fighters go to?
Journey's End
Quest's End
Odyssey End
Final End

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