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1. Who did the red eyes belong to that were in the dark tunnel at the end of The Doomsday Project?
Ixis Naugus
Metal Sonic

2. In "No Brainer" what happened to Sonic after he was zapped?
Turned bad
Lost his memory
Lost his speed
Lost his eyesight

3. In "Sonic Past Cool" what does Tails bring into Knothole?
A new Freedom Fighter
A Terrapod
A Velociraptor

4. Where is Knothole located?
The Great Forest
The Dark Swamp
Iron Lock

5. In what episode does the Void first appear?
The Void
Blast to the Past Part 1
Blast to the Past Part 2
Game Guy

6. What does Sonic use to destroy Doomsday?
Three Power Rings
The Deep Power Stones
A Chaos Emerald
Four Bombs

7. In what epsiode does Sonic find the Deep Power Stones?
The Doomsday Project
Spy Hog
Cry of the Wolf
Drood Henge

8. How many power rings does Sonic use to save himself from being roboticised in "The Doomsday Project"?

9. What happened to Ari at the end of "Game Guy"?
He was roboticised
He got trapped in the Void
He was pushed off a cliff by a SWATbot

10. Which of these is not an episode in Season One?
Sonic Conversion
Heads or Tails
Sonic's Nightmare
Hooked on Sonics

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