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Sonic the Hedgehog 2
SEGA Game Gear - 27 Files
Title Author Length Size
Under Ground Zone EspioKAOS 3:00 47KB
Under Ground Zone King Meteor 3:12 103KB
Under Ground Zone (Sonic Advance Remix) Yarharhar 3:09 74KB
Sky High Zone gec05 1:42 25KB
Sky High Zone King Meteor 1:52 29KB
Sky High Zone SwordBolt 2:32 49KB
Sky High Zone TurquoiseStar 1:36 12KB
Aqua Lake Zone EspioKAOS 3:14 113KB
Aqua Lake Zone SwordBolt 3:19 102KB
Green Hills Zone EspioKAOS 2:15 39KB
Green Hills Zone Koryan 2:28 41KB
Green Hills Zone Paul Varley 2:42 87KB
Green Hills Zone SwordBolt 3:29 124KB
Gimmick Mountain Zone Blue Warrior 2:46 80KB
Gimmick Mountain Zone EspioKAOS 4:10 65KB
Gimmick Mountain Zone King Meteor 2:59 86KB
Crystal Egg Zone EspioKAOS 2:11 22KB
Crystal Egg Zone Mike 3:09 32KB
Boss Johnnyz 2:02 19KB
Boss King Meteor 2:12 87KB
Boss Rune Walsh 1:03 14KB
Title Screen EspioKAOS 0:21 7KB
Act Intro EspioKAOS 0:04 2KB
Act Intro King Meteor 0:04 1KB
Ending Al Miskell 2:19 42KB
Ending Johnnyz 2:19 20KB
The End Johnnyz 0:05 2KB
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