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Sonic the Hedgehog
SEGA Game Gear - 22 Files
Title Author Length Size
Green Hill Zone EspioKAOS 1:32 13KB
Green Hill Zone Mayika 2:51 27KB
Bridge Zone David Austin 1:24 13KB
Bridge Zone (Ver. 1) EspioKAOS 0:52 10KB
Bridge Zone (Ver. 2) EspioKAOS 0:52 10KB
Bridge Zone Kenji-san 0:55 10KB
Bridge Zone Mars Jenkar 1:55 31KB
Bridge Zone Mayika 1:44 16KB
Bridge Zone Sam Beddoes 1:42 16KB
Bridge Zone SwordBolt 1:20 41KB
Jungle Zone EspioKAOS 1:01 11KB
Labyrinth Zone EspioKAOS 0:58 11KB
Labyrinth Zone King Meteor 1:15 31KB
Labyrinth Zone SwordBolt 1:41 41KB
Scrap Brain Zone King Meteor 2:02 49KB
Scrap Brain Zone Mars Jenkar 1:43 40KB
Scrap Brain Zone SwordBolt 2:42 91KB
Sky Base Zone EspioKAOS 0:32 10KB
Sky Base Zone SwordBolt 0:53 40KB
Boss EspioKAOS 0:48 9KB
Act Cleared EspioKAOS 0:06 2KB
1-Up EspioKAOS 0:02 2KB
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