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Sonic Heroes
GameCube, PlayStation 2, XBox - 17 Files
Title Author Length Size
Sea Gate Keoro 1:28 10KB
Grand Metropolis Duo the Fox 3:40 62KB
Casino Park David McKee 2:06 34KB
Bingo Highway (ver. 1) King Meteor 2:35 55KB
Bingo Highway (ver. 2) King Meteor 2:35 56KB
Rail Canyon SwordBolt 2:35 104KB
Hang Castle (ver. 1) Stacy Anne Christiansen 3:46 60KB
Hang Castle (ver. 2) Stacy Anne Christiansen 3:48 82KB
Mystic Mansion (Spooky Remix) Lord Luke 4:42 55KB
Main Theme "Sonic Heroes" (Arrangement) Daniel Wright 1:33 28KB
Main Theme "Sonic Heroes" Matt Newman 1:32 11KB
Main Theme "Sonic Heroes" (Piano Duet Version) Raindrop_the_Hedgehog 1:22 10KB
Team Dark Theme "This Machine" Malcolm Brown 4:11 112KB
Team Chaotix Theme "Team Chaotix" King Meteor 3:27 47KB
Metal Overlord "What I'm Made Of" Giuliano M. 10:25 362KB
Metal Overlord "What I'm Made Of" Sean Bee 3:41 80KB
Team Select David McKee 1:30 45KB
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